Wondering When She Will Come Home

I have a sister. A great sister at that. Even though she hates me and doesn’t want me in her life anymore I will never forget who she is. She might want people to hate her and she might come off a someone not to mess with and not to make upset but when her and I hang out shes a different person.

Her and I have a rough past that we have in common. I always loved talking to her. But lately she has put me aside like a piece of garbage and rather spend all her time with her boyfriend. I am so use to her being home but when she’s at her boyfriend home she is gone for weeks at a time. I mean the break is nice but she is gone so much that I have no one to talk to and no one to hang out with at home.

It hurts me though when she is home and I ask if she want’s to hangout and she is very rude to me. I understand that she has a condition and that I need to get used to it but I have had to live with her for 11 years. I am 16 years old and she still treats me like I’m worthless. I just want to spend more time with her. I want to see her more.

I see a possible ending coming soon with her and someone else and I am going to be there for her when it happens. I will buy her ice cream even though she will end up in the bathroom for hours. I will sit with her and let her talk and talk and talk.

The best time with her I think is when her and I start chatting about inane stuff and our dad tells us to shut up and we laugh so hard that we pee ourselves.

All I am saying is that I want her to come back home. I miss her. And her and I have lots to catch up on.

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