Life update

Things have been getting better in my life. I am getting good grades and I am maintaining good, positive relationships with my friends (now). When I say “Now” i mean that my dad has been talking to me for many years now and I never really listened to him when he was talking about this subject. The subject was friends.

I thought my dad was an ass for telling me who I can and cannot be friends with but now that it is the beginning of a new year, I have opened my mind to the fact that he loves me and is protecting me from the bad kids out there. As I was growing up, I loved to help people with there issues and I still do. I always find the kids and I befriend the ones who are “****** up and damaged”. I don’t know why I do. I guess it is because I feel the need that I could help them and stuff. Truth of the matter is that I can’t. If they wanted to change they would have changed.

I have been burned by so many of these kids that I am now sticking with the positive crowd and kids who like the same things I like (singing, dancing etc…) and kids who don’t like to do illegal things. I could go on and on and on but basically all I’m trying to get at in this post is that PARENTS KNOW BEST!


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